Fall 2017 / Fine Arts

ART 115 01 Design I (Orrison Fall 2017)

Principles of design such as proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis and unity are studied together with elements of design such as line, form, space, time, movement, texture, light and color. Projects are done in a variety of media. Fall semester, alternate years.

ART 322 01 American Art History (WR) (Orrison Fall 2017)

A history of American art from the art of Native Americans to the present. Attention is given to a conceptual understanding of stylistic movements in America while emphasis is on individual painters and their specific works. Fall semester, alternate years.

GRPH 150 01 Introduction to Graphic Arts (Forbes Fall 2017)

An introduction to the field of graphic design and to the three major types of computer applications used in print design. Students use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign applications to create corporate logos, business materials, photo collages and print projects. Fall/spring semesters.

GRPH 210 01 Page Layout (Forbes Fall 2017)

Prerequisite: GRPH 150 or permission of instructor. Reviews fundamental skills and stresses intermediate and advanced skills using computer-based page layout software on the Macintosh platform. Students learn the use of master pages, style sheets, typographic controls, and to flow and format text, to place and manipulate images, to combine images and text, to create tables, gradients and PDF?s, and to correctly prepare digital files for offset printing. Fall semester, alternate years

GRPH 252 01 Computer Design (Orrison Fall 2017)

Prerequisite: GRPH 150. Building on basic computer and design skills, this course allows students to master Illustrator and Photoshop while making real-world design applications such as posters, logos, corporate identity, photo manipulation and compositing. Fall semester, alternate years.

GRPH 401 01 Interactive Web Design (Olson Fall 2017)

Prerequisite: CPTR 225 and GRPH 301 or permission of instructor. Explores the place and basic concepts of animation and interactivity on the web and introduces students to Adobe Flash, the industry standard for creating dynamic web content and interactive multimedia, with the goal of presenting animation principles and getting the learner comfortable with the Flash authoring environment: interface, basic terminology, functions, and processes. Fall semester, alternate years.
Teacher: Matt Olson